Monday, June 23, 2008

Debate for the Ages

I have to post this, sorry everyone. Unless you have been living in the red storm that is the eye of Jupiter you know that there is an incredibly important debate raging in Hollywood as well as around the internet. Of course I am talking about whether or not Suri Cruise should still be drinking out of a bottle at the age of 2:

“A debate rages on about whether or not she should still be drinking from a bottle”

There is a poll at the end of this post asking: Do you think Suri should be off the bottle? In which 115,374 people have voted. That’s right, over one hundred thousand people not only read this article with full knowledge of what it was about but then voted on the website.

The highest amount of votes we ever got was like 80 on this website. Hold on, I am going to find a rope strong enough to hold about 160 pounds.

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