Friday, June 6, 2008

Is that Spiderman?

Two men were arrested yesterday after climbing a 50 story sky scraper in New York City. People used to do this all the time in NYC. I remember there was this guy named the Human Fly and he used suction cups to climb buildings. The difference is these current wall humpers had an ulterior motive. While climbing the building one of the men released a banner that read:

“Global Warming kills more people then 9/11 every week.”

What the fuck is that shit about? Yeah man, you tell them, global warming killed my brother. It’s true, he was drinking a glass of ice water outside when the slightly hotter sun melted his cubes faster then he had anticipated them to melt. Then he took a huge gulp and choked on one of the cubes. Actually that didn’t kill him because the cube melted in his throat and went down fine; it was his drug problem. He overdosed in an ally after my parents disowned him…

Oh well, that is why I love New York City, this weekend is the Puerto Rican Day Parade… Time to get my rape on!!!


weens said...

You know, they could have probably just taken the stairs.

And in a post-9/11 world, how does one get up on a building like that without getting shot in the head?

But honestly, global warming is a very serious threat. You should check out a great documentary on it called 'Ice Age,' where they foretell of these events to come:

Sid: You know? This whole ice age thing is getting old. You know what I could go for? A global warming.

Chilling insights from an animated sloth with a Columbian comedian's voice...

Sarah said...

it's not spiderman, murdoch. it's my creepy-ass former roommate from college. ooooh, that's right, inside joke comment on PESU(P?)!