Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin, Man Amongst Other Men

I know I swore to myself to never post again after R. Kelly was freed. I'm also aware we've already posted about George Carlin's untimely demise. But when a man like Carlin, who basically embodies the thoughts of this site (nothing is too serious, so stop acting that way) just up and dies on you, things change.

The torch will need to be passed to someone who can stand up to all the stupid social conventions and just yell at them (maybe Lewis Black?). We need the anti-Dane Cook. Someone who does good comedy that is both relevant and not TOO preachy. Someone who challenges the way you think while making you piss your pants.

I for one am personally affected by this tragedy. I had always secretly hoped I would do a sitcom with George Carlin and Steve Guttenberg, starring as three bachelors from all levels of life, always on the hunt for young women. Each week, we'd have the newest starlet to turn 18 and we'd all try to get with her while hijinks's ensued. Also, with Carlin's mouth and the things Guttenberg does to young starlets, it would have to be on HBO or Showtime. Oh, why did God have to take my dreams from me at the young age of 26??? Rest in Peace George. The young starlets and Guttenberg will meet you in heaven soon...

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