Friday, June 20, 2008

Airlines Getting You Down? Punch Someone In the Face.

Christina “I don’t even look that trashy” Szele, 35, of New York (shocker) is accused of punching a flight attendant in the face mid flight. She had been drinking on the plane and decided she wanted to smoke a stogy. After lighting the cigarette a flight attendant forced her to extinguish it prompting a much deserved punch in the face. I mean shit she was trying to have a butt, can you let her live!!! DAMN!

Who do these flight attendants think they are? I got stuck on a run way one time for 2 hours, so I got up to take a piss, and a woman tried to stop me. As if me, walking in a plane that isn’t moving could kill me and everyone else on the plane. I mean they served me half a Coca Cola with big round ice cubes with the holes in the middle. Of course I am going to have to use the rest room. That is like 6 ounces of fluid that went right to my blatter.

You should have seen me, I was all like “whatever” and then she was like “Sir, you shouldn’t be up walking around when the plane isn’t at the terminal. I am going to need you to go back to your seat.” And I was all like “whatever.” Then I kicked her in the shins and 3 years later I am finally done with this stupid ankle bracelet.


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