Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We're Being Invaded!!!

In a flashing news update, political analysts at PESU have confirmed that yes babies (by that I mean roughly 2 years and younger) are switching over to the Obama camp at a staggering rate. The baby vote, which has statistically shown to be a perfect 50-50 split in all past elections, appears to be an overwhelming landslide for Obama. How did we find this out you ask….youtube of course knuckleheads! The new youtube craze for this week appears to be videos of babies screaming “Obama!!!!”, or something that roughly resembles Obama. Look I’m not a doctor or anything but I’m 100% sure that Obama is much easier to say than Clinton or McCain (I mean seriously those hard consonants still give me trouble to this day). Please practice saying Obama out loud now if you do not believe me…OBAMA….BMMA…ODADA…see? Second, babies are retarded. Don’t people know that they just repeat what ever the hell you say to them. True story, when my cousin was a baby and was speaking we taught him to say…at the dinner table at thanksgiving dinner mind you….and I quote, “I LIKE IT RAW”. Seriously, if I can trick a kid into saying something like that, than any moronic parent can make their kid say Obama. Lastly, this story frustrates me so much because you have all these losers out there saying that this is so cute and these kids know politics and this is proof that Obama will win. Look I’m not going to get into politics here because frankly it’s not proper and more importantly I don’t care, but I do know a little about the political process from sitting through about 75% of my high school history classes, and I definitely remember me asking if babies can vote and my teacher replying very sternly “No”. I mean I don’t understand why everyone is getting so excited over this, these babies have no say over the outcome. I mean come on, this is the equivalent of people getting excited for a group of dogs barking for McCain, or even worse a bunch of women shouting for Hillary.

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