Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ashley Simpson is pregnant!!!

Uhm who cares? She’s not hot, she can’t dance, she definitely can’t sing, she obviously can't dress, she sucks at life…why do we care that she’s going to give birth to another annoying and most likely mentally delayed member of the Simpson family? I’ll tell you why. Sisters are always fighting and trying to upstage one another. This means that soon hotter sister Jessica will try to get pregnant. However, Jessica knows that once she becomes pregnant her body will go through some changes and she will no longer look the gorgeous plastic Barbie Doll that she is today. Thus, she is going to do a spread (get it?) in Playboy and cash in on her body before she becomes pregnant, thus making the world a happier place for everyone. Seriously, I could easily teach Calculus at Harvard.

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