Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baseball Lies

Professional Baseball player Miguel Tejada, currently with the Houston Astros was born in Bani, Dominican Republic. As a child he dreamed of playing in the Major Leagues. Knowing he had the potential to be recognized by Major League scouts Tejada was sure he was going to one day play in full stadiums, under the lights, against the best players in the world. However as time passed Tejada began to see his dream fade,

“I was like, oh man.” Tejada said. “I am 18 and I am still not signed by any team. I always dreamed that I would be signed by 16.”

Tejada was signed 3 months later and was finally going to get his chance to play the sport he loved for a living. However something wasn’t right.

“I didn’t want to be 18 years old in the minor leagues. So I did what any person would do.”

What Tejada did was create a fake birth certificate and claimed he was two years younger then he really was.

“It felt so good to be 16 again. Sure, being 18 had its perks but I would be there again in 2 years.”

Recently Tejada was sand bagged by an interviewer who had located his real birth certificate:

Tejada later came out and apologies to the organization. He stated that he wanted to tell the team himself after he had proved himself to management. Since this incident Tejada is 10/15, scored 6 runs, 7 RBIs and 1HR. Astros manager Cecil Cooper had this to say:

“Tejada has really been hitting the ball lately. It is almost as if he has aged two years in a day. I think it is just a relief for him to finally be able to act his age. The difference between this patient seasoned 35 year old veteran and that hotheaded 33 year old rookie is like night and day. The thing is it took only one night to make that transformation… Amazing”

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