Thursday, April 10, 2008

Smug City

There's a debate in this country about whether or not President Bush should boycott the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics this summer. Apparently China is doing some shit or something to other countries or someone and some Americans feel that we are some how “protesting” whatever China is doing by not having our President (who everyone in America hates anyway) not be present during the first night of the Olympics (best run on sentence ever.) Sorry I am not completely up-to-date on the whole deal, but I stopped paying attention to Asia and its issues when we got banned from China (see Mission Accomplished post.)

As the debate rages on one city decided to take it into their own hands and protest. That’s right you all know that socialist, green loving, bead wearing, hemp enthused, vegan, organic tooth paste using, Earth Day celebrating, tree hugging, rainbow sandal wearing, condescending, granola munching, pot legalizing, mom and pop shop loving, hybrid driving, wild haired, sun child, hippie piece of crap, hell on earth of a city, San Francisco.

Could they be any lamer? The Olympic Torch is being passed throughout the world, as a symbol of the world coming together to celebrate what it is to be human. These extremely affluent people are trying to interrupt it to prove that they are well informed and educated about what is going on in the world. As the runners pass through the town they could hear the protest chant:

“We’re rich; we’re bored, we feel like complaining.”

Followed by, “Starbucks and Wal-Mart are evil”.

I agree about Starbucks. Their coffee always tastes burnt. I don’t know maybe it is just me. How can Wal-Mart be evil when I can buy a pack of Oreo’s for a dollar? A FUCKING DOLLAR!!! If they didn’t even know that, how well informed could they be? BTW… The 60’s ended for a reason, it sucked. Welcome to the 2000s, enjoy it while you can. We all know how it is going to end. We have all seen the Matrix.

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stowell said...

hey, you're banned in china? how did you figure that out? you don't have, oh, i don't know, a stunning, hilarious, wonderful friend who told you that or something...did you?

your recognition of run-on sentences amazes me, by the way. i'm so proud.