Thursday, April 17, 2008

One, Two, Three, TRIPLE DEKE!!!!

I'm so sick and tired of movies being ridiculously fake. Whether it's giant mutated monsters attacking cities, fat people being active, or a pee wee hockey player performing the dumbest move ever to win a game...something needs to be said. I will tackle these issues one at a time, with today's post debunking the myth of the elusive "triple deke".

Reasons why the "deke" will never work.

Scenario 1: A sniper in the stands (from either team) shoots the player in the head because they cannot believe the utter stupidity of what they are witnessing.

Scenario 2: A runaway T-Rex bites the player's head off.

Scenario 3: The player slips and falls on their extremely long hair forcing them to slide into the corner filled with sharp metal spikes.

*Removes top-hat and proceeds to take a bow*

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