Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Found It!!!

I was looking around the internet, looking for something to write about and have a little fun when I stumbled across this gem “‘Killer bees’ swarm, sting Mexican police.” I have heard of karma but Jesus or, um... Hey Zeus (I don’t know I don’t speak Mexican).
Bees attacked after a cop shot the hive while at a shooting range. Yup, defiantly a terrible accident, I bet no one said “Hey S.A. I bet you a taco I can shoot that bee hive.” Mexican cops are known to be some of the most corrupt cops in the world. It is only right they get attacked by bees that escaped from a science lab and began to migrate north.
Oh, did I forget to mention that? Well, rather then listen to me explain what happened I will take a little excerpt out of the article.
“Africanized bees, a fierce hybrid strain sometimes referred to as "killer bees," are the result of an experiment to increase honey production in Brazil. A swarm escaped a lab in 1957 and began heading north.”

I have never been stung by a bee. So that isn’t really something I am super worried about. I do however eat a lot of Mexican food. So Killer Bees taking out all of Mexico can seriously put my diet of tortilla, beef, cheese and beans in jepordy. Then I will be forced to eat itailan food and that doesn't go very well with tequila.


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Loki said...

I was all excited from the picture cause I thought someone finally found the honeycomb hideout. Oh well - I'll just have to continue my ongoing search to find me a big cereal...