Friday, April 4, 2008

The Funnier Martial Arts Viral Video


McNugget: Star Wars Kid
Mr. Murdoch: Afro Ninja

Mr. Murdoch: ok personally I love the fact that he gives you that little face before he jumps like, "Ohh, I am the fucking man. You are going to love this shit I am about to do. Ladies make sure you don't look away"
McNugget: see your video was funny because it was a mistake
McNugget: this guy made this video as a serious thing and his friends posted it online
McNugget : for god sakes the star wars kid makes his own sound effects
Mr. Murdoch: Ha-ha yeah that is a great video, but that is a retarded kid doing a retarded thing. I feel bad. He obvs has trouble making friends. He is sitting in his high school after school when no one is around taping himself swinging a mic stand. It is like the Never Ending Story except there is not Valcor to come and save him.
Mr. Murdoch: it makes me sad; don't get me wrong it is really funny, but with a hint of sadness, kind of like Special Olympics
McNugget: that’s why it’s funny

McNugget: look your guy is not a bad looking guy, I’m sure he gets laid on the reg
McNugget: but this just know he’s got nothing going for him
McNugget: his clothes are too tight, he has zero motor skills, and he's got a 5 dollar haircut.

Mr. Murdoch: You find no joy in this guy thinking he is the man and then just eating shit. I mean he hits his head, bounces back up and then starts swinging the nunchaku as if he didn't just slam his face hard as shit.
Mr. Murdoch: when he gets up and swings the chuck I almost peed my pants
McNugget: sometimes I wish you did pee your pants so I could make fun of you
Mr. Murdoch: I just love the fact that this guy thinks he is going to do something awesome and most likely then next thing, he wakes up in the hospital.

McNugget: also it’s proven that fat people are funnier than skinny people
McNugget: scientific fact
Mr. Murdoch: Ohh, yeah that is a nice point.
Mr. Murdoch: Fatties are funnier,

McNugget: look he did dos something awesome...I could never have gotten that far in a flip
Mr. Murdoch: haha come on

Mr. Murdoch: ok let’s break this down:
Mr. Murdoch: give me three reasons why Star wars kid is funnier
McNugget: well for one thing...Whoppi Goldberg doesn’t appear at the end of the video
McNugget: second...his shirt is so tight that you see his fat baby fat gut
McNugget: third...he’s more talented because he does different scenes
McNugget: I just wish he put in the famous princess lea and the gold bikini scene.

Mr. Murdoch: 1) That little kissy face Afro ninja does before he face plants.
Mr. Murdoch: 2) The sound that his face then shoes make when he hits the ground.
Mr. Murdoch: 3) He gets up with the full intention of continuing his routine as if he didn't just knock himself partially unconscious.
Mr. Murdoch: oh and Whoppi appears at the end
Mr. Murdoch: PESU loves Whoppi

Mr. Murdoch: but tell me you can keep a straight face as he tries to swing the nunchaku
McNugget: dude, nothing about me is straight
Mr. Murdoch: ...


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Loki said...

Murdoch's got this one in the bag. The fat kid is funny and painfully sad - I think he practiced for months to make this montage of uncoordinated flailing. Afro ninja not only falls flat on his face, but the stumble and the crash make the video.

U-nonymous said...

Someone alert Jack Black! Starwars kid is stealing his act!

Weens said...

I do love the afro ninja vid, but you can't beat star wars kid! My favorite parts are where he starts spinning like a fairy and tries to kick above his ankle, and the force of his 'lightsaber' carries him off out of the shot. Hilarious!

Plus, I love anyone trying to fight in a button down shirt and khakis.

Dolly said...

Thanks for writing this.