Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2008 Election Coverage Begins

The 2008 presidential election is quickly approaching. Many people are reading the newspaper and watching news channels like CNN to make sure they are educated on the issues. Well here at PESU we have done a little study to see how this next election will turn out.

As you can see (demonstrated in the Pie chart below) the race will be another extremely tight one, with the majority of the population… not giving a shit.

In our estimation 24% of voters will vote Democrat and 23% of voters will vote Republican. Another 1% will throw away their vote by voting for a 3rd party candidate, basically just to have the feeling of importance that people get when they voted. The overwhelming majority will stay home and not waste their time in the polls. I know I for one will leave work early by saying “I need to vote” subsequently going straight to the nearest bar to drink.

“Vote Or Die” a slogan aimed to show the importance of voting, created by P-Diddy for the 2004 election, seemed to hit home with the younger voters. However after the 2004 election when there was no massive genocide of Americas that didn’t want to or just plumb forgot to vote people began to think it was a lie. That led to the creation of a new slogan “Vote Or Leave Work Early and Do Whatever You Want”.

Due to the fact that the election is based on the Electoral College, causing some states to be more important then others, there are a few states that plan on not voting at all. Jim Connelly had this to say:

“I have lived in Delaware my whole life. I have never voted, and plan on never voting in my life. We have 3 electoral points… Would you bother?”

Ray-Ray Jackson a native of Mississippi had this to say:

“Voting? What the shit is that?”

Remember, every vote counts… kind of. Unless you are from Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Maryland or if you are from a state that overwhelming votes one way. Then they really don’t count that much. Plus, do you really feel like driving out to the local voting booths and waiting in line? I know I don’t.


Kramer said...

All I have to say is Al Gore better be Vice Prez again, otherwise, the Dems are going down! After all, global warming was created by him and is a major lie

stowell said...

kramer is full of shit. good to see some things never change!