Sunday, August 3, 2008

Diddy and Dupri in Hotlanta

This is one of those stories that you truly don’t believe until you read the article. It seems that a party called So So Def Summerfest Weekend, hosted by Jermaine Dupri and Sean "Diddy" Combs in Hotlanta was interrupted by gunfire. Wow, people getting in trouble in Atlanta, no way…

I don’t want to say anything too bad but, come on. Can we play off stereotypes any harder? A large group of people get together with hiphop artists and someone pulls a gun? Wow that shit is more shocking then the ending of the 6th Sense. No, it really is, my brother told me the ending of the movie before I saw it.

Just once I want to write an article about a girl from the south that keeps her life together, or a male musician not getting arrested or shot at… Wait a minute, no I wouldn’t. I love being an asshole.

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