Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Update

Hello loving PESUP fans. It's a lazy Friday, and your old buddy wanted to let you know some improvements we're thinking of doing for year 2 (we started the site July 12th, 2007). As most of you can tell, we've really picked up our game from May until now. We've gone from getting about 50 hits a week in April to about 1,500 hits a week currently. We'd love to keep growing, so tell your friends.

We've also hit (smashed more like it) a milestone of 10,000 hits on the site a few weeks ago. We're currently at around 12,250. This post right here is also our 250th post. But we know we need to get better to get bigger.

Some things on tap for year 2 include PESUP bumper stickers, fan postings, Podcasts, and more wacky stunt days. We'll be giving out free bumper stickers to anyone interested, so please let us know if you'd like one. We're also in talks to have fans post on our site. We'd do it about once a month or so (we get final edit) and we'll pick the best viewpoint. If you're interested to be in the running (I'm talking to you Puck, Sarah, Dave A, Kramer, etc.), just post another comment and we'll divulge the email address to send your post to.

Finally, we're thinking of doing a monthly or bi-monthly podcast (audio only) that you could download and listen to on your ride to work. And as always, we'll be increasing our challenges (such as the Century Club) where we can update posts for the day.

Have a happy 08/08/08!

1 comment:

Puck said...

wow, the universe aligns: the date is composed of nothing but my lucky number, my hair is looking -fabulous-, i've finally found the perfect IVA, and now i get to be a member of the Associated Press (...sorta)!
i'd thank the Academy, but i'm better than the Academy. eff the Academy.