Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Morgan Freeman will be OK.

Morgan Freeman remains in serious condition after his car accident yesterday. He broke his arm and elbow. The car was destroyed and needed the Jaws of Life to free him from the vehicle.

Morgan Freeman is the opposite of Shai LaBeouf. When I heard Morgan Freeman was in a car accident I was so scared that I cried in the bathroom stall, like a teenager that just found out she got knocked up. I didn’t care about any one or anything except if Morgan Freeman was alright. Shit, I don’t care if he was drunk, high, and driving blindfolded I would still look up to Morgan Freeman. He could have killed 6 families then eaten the dead babies off the road and I still would be more worried about him then anyone else in the wreck.

Why do I refer to him only as Morgan Freeman? You don’t disrespect a legend or a god and if you're both then you're Morgan Freeman.

If you think I am wrong for saying that line, look at his filmography…
The Shawshank Redemption
The Dark Knight
The Bucket List
Gone Baby Gone
Lucky Number Slevin
Batman Begins
Million Dollar Baby
That is just a random list of 10 movies, do you know how many other awesome movies he has been in… Did anyone say Deep Impact?

Get well Morgan Freeman, we need you.

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Puck said...

you aren't kidding; Morgan Freeman -is- both.
as a side note, it's nice that he was to play Himself in 'Bruce Almighty'