Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alicia Sacramone, PESUP Still Loves You

The USA Olympic female gymnastics team took Silver in the competition losing to rival China. The contributors of PESUP are all huge fans of gymnastics, Johnny McNugget used to be world renown on the rings. Then his love of fast food took over and now he is world renown at onion rings.

US Team fought as hard as they could to take home the Gold however all hope was lost after Alicia Sacramone slipped while she was on the balance beam. She lost her footing and fell off the beam. The points that were deducted put the USA in a hole they would never recover from.

Normally this is something I would pounce on, blowing it in a big spot. In all reality I just really want to pounce on her. I don’t care if she cost us the gold or shot my dog, when you look that good it doesn’t matter what you do, you win.

So Alicia, if you are down because of the recent failure at the Olympics, don’t worry about it. Call me up, and we can go get some ice cream and mini-golf. Come on… how can you turn that down. Ladies love mini golf.

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weens said...

I have to agree. Alicia Sacramone the other night, a complete clusterfuck. Fantastic to watch, though. It's always great to see a young person completely fail at their life's dream. The team came in second...IN THE WORLD...and she was so close to crying. Incredibly hot.

On the other hand, the Chinese olympic gymnastics team looked like alien robots. And blue eyeliner just doesn't work on an Asian face. So at least we won that event...

Who doesn't love the summer olympics?