Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hairspray Actress's Airport Brawl.

Two Celebrites (I use this term as loosely as possible) got into a fight in an airport over saving seats. A fat girl from the movie Hairspray and a black woman from the show America’s Next Top Model, exchanged blows after arguing because the fat one was saving too many seats in the airport terminal.

ABC News actually took it upon themselves to talk about proper saving seat educate. Some classic stuff on that page, my favorite part is:
"I think the rule on saving seats is that people need to be reasonable," he said. "There is no formula for how many saved seats make it OK. It doesn't matter if it's one or three or five. You can't make a formula based on the size of the room and the number of available seats.
"If people are getting a magazine or using the restroom, but they're around, it's reasonable that you can hold their seat for them," he said.


In no way shape or form are any of the PESUP Contributors celebrites but I am pretty sure more people read this site then have seen Hairspray the movie. Shit I am pretty sure more people have walked on the Moon then saw Hairspray the movie.


Puck said...

i've always gone with the 1:1 rule, myself

Puck said...

you know who i feel bad for? the black woman, because she just realized that she's even less famous than Tracy Turnbladt