Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anna Nicole Lives!

This recent photo, taken in the month of August 2008 proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Anna Nicole Smith, not unlike 2Pac and Elvis, is still alive! Which really upsets me - I spent 5 months glued to my TV like an idiot wondering how she died - did somebody kill her? Who gets custody of the baby? Who gets the house she was living in? Where is she going to be buried? Why is her mother so white-trash? What the hell does Howard K. Stern do anyway? All that precious time wasted, and for what?!?!

UPDATE - apparently that's Gwen Steffani sporting her new "I heart cheeseburgers" look that she pinched from PESUP Ugo-of-the-Week alumni, Khloe Kardashian. Reports say that Khloe next plans on teaching Gwen how to consume 3 dozen buffalo wings without chewing (hint: bleu cheese soup; you don't even feel the bones).

UPDATED UPDATE - apparently she's just pregnant. Again. Sadly, I would still do her in her current state. What's a little placenta juice anyway?

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