Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brain Dead Americans

Fucking Americans... Are we so fucking stupid that we are entertained by "reality" TV. These Jackasses normal people picked to compete in some sort of competition in which the winner betters their life some how as America sits there like a bunch of stogies rooting for their favorites.

American Idol? How the fuck can there be 8 seasons of that shit? Wasn't it made to find the best singer? I mean once the first person won isn't the next winner the second best singer? Who gives a shit about the second best anything?

Well now the reason for this post, a brand new reality TV show is coming out in early September. The show is called "Hole in the Wall". Contestants will be standing on a platform over a pool as a wall moves closer to them. Then the person has to jump/duck/position themselves correctly to fit through the hole in the wall (such a clever name). If they do this they probably win money or some shit.

Oh you don't believe me?

You know what? On second thought I am going to watch this show in hopes that someone gets terribly injured. Don't get me wrong, I don't hope any individual harm. However I hope the masses learn from the death of one asshole on a stupid show.

Shit if it keeps up like this TV shows won't need writers anymore... What else are the PESUP crew and jewish people going to do?

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weens said...

I don't know...I could use a couple bucks...and I do enjoy jumping through things. This could be the show for me!

All of these shows are fun to watch for five minutes, but then you go back on youtube and watch piranhas attack a mouse in a fishtank.