Thursday, August 7, 2008

Freeman a... Free Man

I admit it. I got jealous and had to post a cloud picture as well. It doesn't make sense? Awwww! But Loki and McNugget were doing it! Whatever.

Reports out of the AP today claim that Morgan Freeman's and his wife of 24 years are getting a divorce. There are no other details, but I can tell you how it went down. When he got in his car accident on Sunday, they listed a female passenger that wasn't his wife. Now, as soon as I saw that, I was thinkin' to myself "go Morgan, go Morgan, it's your birthday!" Cause let's face it, you don't drive in backwoods Mississippi with some random honey.

Surprisingly enough, a few days later, when it is discovered he's doing fine, his wife is getting ready to leave. One of two things happened:

First, Morgan was cheating on his wife for a long time, and she knew about it and looked the other way. As soon as the press started peaking in on them due to the mysterious woman in the car crash, the rumors began to swirl and she looked bad, so she won't tolerate it anymore and now wants half of his money.

Second, she didn't know about it, and this was a pretty awful way to find out. First you're all like "oh no! Morgan! I hope he's okay!" Then once he's fine, you start asking who the other woman was, and why she was there when he was going fishing ALONE like he says he does each Sunday while you're at church. And then it's a double whammy; broken hubby becomes ex-hubby.

Or, I guess there's a third option. Morgan saw his own movie The Bucket List, and on his list was to start banging the type of woman he should (25-year-old hotties) before he passed away. And this car crash was just a wake-up call that even he will not live forever. And Morgan, if you're reading this (I just KNOW he does!), if you ever wanna hang out with the PESUP crew or anything, I'm, ya know, here and stuff.


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