Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One and Done

In sports there are always favorites and underdogs. In both situations there is a lot of pressure. Pressure for the favorites to win championships, pressure for the underdogs to compete and to become a better team. Some times what one player or coach does in one place isn’t expectable in others. Joe Torre who won 4 World Series for his team and made the playoffs every year he managed basically got fired from the New York Yankees. If he coached in Houston or Tampa Bay, two teams that have never won a world series, this guy would have his job for the rest of his life.

Joe face unbelievable pressure to win in New York. The pressure that Joe faced was nothing compared the pressure that Greg Ryan faced as the coach of the Women’s Team USA Soccer coach (yes women play soccer, some look very hot doing it. Yes, others do look scary). Ryan coached the team for 2 years and his record during that time was 45-1-9. For those of you who do not watch sports or do not know what that means it stands for 45 wins, 1 loss, and 9 ties. He was fired this week. U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati (very American name) had this to say about the firing:

“I'm not going to point to any one factor or one individual decision,"

Sunil, you don’t have to point to anything. I think we can all guess why you fired him. Not for the 45 wins, not for the 9 ties but maybe just maybe for that 1 loss. Imagine getting fired for messing up one time at your job. On my first day of work I walked in to the kitchen and couldn’t figure out how to work the coffee machine. It is one of the weird ones with all the packets and options and stuff and junk. I accidentally got tea instead of coffee. Next day I would be on the damn unemployment line.

Honestly, I might be one of the only people to know that the Women’s World Cup was held last month. The World Cup happens every four years and different countries come together and play soccer. Soccer is a sport that you try to kick around ball into net. Still nothing? Oh well.

But still, all I am saying is give the guy a break, it isn’t like he made a pass at any of the girls on the team or calling the girls "bitches". No Isaiah I am not talking about you.

I love you Mia Hamm!!


Loki said...

As for Joe Torre not getting the contract he wanted, I am all for it and I am a Yankee fan. Joe has the most talented team in baseball (not to mention the highest payroll by a long shot). Yet, he has not made it out of the first round of the playoffs in the last three years and has suffered one of the most embarassing comebacks in any sports franchises' history. You know the one I mean. And we haven't won a World Series since 2000 - I know boo-friggin-hoo, but when your payroll is that high, you have that much talent, and you have ahole NY fans nipping at your heels, we expect more. Before he came to the Yankees, he had a career record of 894 - 1003 (and under .475 win percentage), which does not say much for his talent as a coach. I will go so far as to say my retarded, pot-addicted pet hampster that does not exist can do a better job managing a baseball team. LET'S GO DONNY BASEBALL!!!

kramer said...

I agree with Murdoch. The World Cup was awesome this year, even though Brazil made us look like a bunch of 8 year old kids with down-syndrome(you know, the Corky guy). There was no need to fire Ryan for one mistake. As for Torre, it was time to cut him loose. Loki's right that with a team as talented as the Yanks not being able to get out of the first round is atrocious.