Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Take a minute. Just look at this woman and take a guess why she is in the news. Umm… could it be because she is Crazy? DING DING DING. If you guessed crazy as well then you win a PESU bumper sticker!!!

Amanda Jane Darling Harris, 21 of Eagle Colo is accused of use of a deadly weapon, misdemeanor third-degree assault with a weapon, ethnic intimidation and harassment. What could she possibly have done to warrant these charges? Well, I hope you are wearing a seat belt because we are about to take a trip down Psycho Road then we are taking a left onto Head Case Blvd, then we are staying on that till we reach Loco Village.

Miss. Harris attacked children, ages range from 9 to 15, with an 18 inch samurai sword… WHAT!!! What were the children doing you ask? They were playing in the parking lot of the apartment complex they live in… Are you serious??? Did they hit her car? Did they throw rocks at her windows… nope they were playing.

As if this isn’t strange enough, the children, who are of Latin descent, not only had to run away from a crazy woman with a sword they were also being screamed at by Harris. Harris accused them of being illegal immigrants and said:

"If you're scared, then you're guilty."

Yup… definitely. You know what I wasn’t afraid of when I was 9… Crazy people carrying and swinging ninja swords at me.

Special Thanks: Kramer for sending me this link…

Disclaimer: You might never receive a PESU bumper sticker for your correct answer. Please don’t stop reading.


kramer said...

That picture still creeps me out

Johnny McNugget said...

Hey, I was trying to reach Loco Village to do some on the spot interviews but I missed the turn onto Psycho Road because my Yoohoo fell on my lap...I mean the sign was covered with a tree. So I ended up taking a left onto Nut Job Lane, stayed straight and crossed over Lunatic Highway, came to a four way stop and farted,and then somehow I reached 2nd Ave., and Loco Village is on the left, you can't miss it because of all the screaming and yelling coming from it's residents, as well as the various types of salsa music being played.