Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well. Whoopi Goldberg has done it again.

She's shocked me. First there was her and Ted Danson in a love affair. Ted freakin' Danson. Sam Malone. She somehow worked her voodoo magic on him, and before you could say "Becker" his career was dead and so was his love-life.

And this is all on top of a career that makes no sense, since she is neither attractive, intelligent, nor funny. Yet she's a "personality".

But what really pisses me off? She's playing the race card. She's on The View now (what, one raging lesbo that bleeds the donkey blood of the liberal getting kicked off your show wasn't enough?). But did she really have to come to the aid of Michael Vick?

Her excuse was "oh, dog fighting is acceptable in the South, he didn't know any better until a few weeks after his admission of guilt". And that if he were from NYC, she wouldn't support him. Well, besides calling all Southerners jackasses and cruel morons that have no regard for life (quite like that of a budding serial killer), she basically said that nobody would know that torturing and killing smaller animals for pleasure was wrong unless they were city-folk.

Well, ok Whoopi. There's another thing the South didn't think was wrong that dealt with torture and lynchings and general cruelty to life. It was also the general way of life for a while. You gonna defend that? We should give all of those people a free pass too. Right moron? Could you be more hypocritcal? Maybe this is intelligent candor on the planet you come from, you know, the one where you can turn invisible and attack Arnold Schwarzenegger in the South American jungles. But in America? Just die.

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Johnny McNugget said...

Uhh this is what's exactly wrong with the world today and why the human race will eventually die out. The fact that she "claims" people from the south don't know dog fighting is wrong is ridicilous. Where are these people, can she supply and evidence?..NO! And you know why, because she's stupid and more importantly she's wrong. She basically said, for example, people in the ghetto sell drugs and particiapte in gang violence...but since they are form the ghetto its ok because they don't know any better. Every person on the face of the Earth (that includes the ghetto) knows that killing someone in wrong just like every person (including people in the south) knows that torturing and killings dogs in wrong. This wasn't a cultural misunderstanding, like the dove in Mars Attacks, this was just a person who thinks they are above the system because they can run really fast. F Vick, and F you Whoopi!

PS- Whoopi we all loved you in Eddie...