Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another YouTube Star

Ok, so I know what you're thinking...who does Loki hate today?
Well, today my friends I come bearing a message of love. This impassioned fan has opened my eyes to the injustice of this world. How dare anyone make fun of a white trash, chain smoking, drugged up, trailer ho that's never heard of underpants, and is an inch away from using her kids as human airbags indeed! Her unique perspective has caused me to reflect on all the pain that I have caused others by my mere utterances and that maybe I should think before I tear anyone else a new colostomy hole. I curled up under a white bedsheet and made a video apologizing to everyone that I've ever hurt. Total run time is just slightly under 3 weeks. Thank you, chica, for this epiphany. I would've never had it without you.

Wait - this is a dude? Awwwwkwaaaard
My apology video is getting destroyed and I'm ready to rampage!

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Paul A said...

I think Johnny McNugget is a Chris Cocker fan...