Monday, September 17, 2007

OJ is innocent

OJ didn’t do it. That is impossible. I was chilling OJ everyday for the last week. On September 9th I woke up and had a sore throat so I was like I should go get some medicine. So I went to the store and got my meds then I saw OJ. I was like oh shit OJ, OJ was just sitting there so I was like “hey, I should pick you up and you can come back to my house.”
So OJ and I headed back to my house and I made some eggs and OJ just chilled. The reason I picked up OJ in the first place was because it is really good for you. It has a ton of vitamin C and that really helps your immune system. It also helps prevent scurvy and all my pirate friends are really gracious.
Wait… not Orange Juice??? Oh, OJ Simpson… Oh that nigga did that shit!

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kramer said...

I enjoy your satire