Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just Say No to Foreign Sperm!!!

So, the US has a ban on imported sperm.

Yeah - read correctly. The US will not let sperm banks import foreign sperm produced after 2005 because of a rare disease that is associated with mad cow disease.

There are thousands of couples in the US in which the man is sterile, but the couple wants a child that looks like both of them. So they'll go to a sperm bank and request a Scandinavian donor's nut, so they can get a blond haired, blue eyed baby (assuming that the mother has both of these traits too). For these couples, it is getting harder and harder to get their hands on this imported baby batter (gross).

Fertility tourism, or the practice of going to another country to get artificially inseminated, is becoming a booming business due to this ban.

I have come up with a way better idea on how you can get in contact with sperm that'll produce a blond haired, blue eyed baby (gross). Ladies, I am proud to report that I have blond hair and blue eyes. I am not licensed in artificial insemination, so you may have to get it right from the tap.

Or you can always try contacts and dye...


Johnny McNugget said...

To all females out there...
Male, 22, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Extraordinary Physique, Intelligent, Nice Butt, Superhuman Strength, Loves Animals, Enjoys Long Walks on the Beach.

kramer said...

Someone get me Mcnugget sperm!