Thursday, September 6, 2007

He's 12 just hit him.

A 7th grader from Georgia held 6 classmates hostage with a stake knife he brought from home. One of the hostages managed to escape and tell a teacher who cleared the hallway and notified police. After 45 minutes of negotiation the police managed to trap the boy between the door and the wall and disarm him. The boy’s name is being held because he is a minor but he is facing charges of carrying a weapon on school grounds, false imprisonment and terroristic threats and acts.

Unfortunately school violence has become so common place that unless someone is killed, it isn’t even really reported about. The only reason I bring it up now is because I walked by a 711 and I am pretty sure I saw Whoopi Goldberg in it talking to the teller. I heard her say, in a Jamaican accent:

“See mon, he is from the south, he grew up with knives. Knives and stabbing is accepted in the south. Especially in the Deep South. I mean they don’t know any better.”

Then he left the 711 in his tie dyed shirt, hopped in the front of his cab and drove away. Damn Whoopi you always make me think. By the way, Whoopi is jacked.


Johnny McNugget said...

45 minutes of negotiating...what the hell could they have been talking about, the kids friggin twelve!! Seriously after about 5 minutes the conversation had to been about pokemon or yugioh or some other stupid japenese show that corrupts America's Youth...unlike the Power Rangers.

Mr. Book said...

What I'd like to know, is how do you hold 6 people with a knife? Everyone knows a knife only has 3 shots... What're you gonna be like, "if you all run, i'm gonna chase everyone of you down at the same time and stab you all. just don't run in different directions at the sametime, confuse me, and then the person i'm standing closest to gets away as well cause i chased the first person to leave. that would suck."

Idiot 12 year olds. If this where China they'd find some hypotenuse to find a way out of this cause they are far superior to us in math. But at least we speak better Engrish.