Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Luci Lu?

This is fantastic. In Richland Township, Pa two women dressed as ninjas carrying swords and daggers robbed a gas station. First of all, HOTTTTT!!! Second of all, Ninjas are masters of all forms of combat, and I am pretty sure if you have the ninja clothes and swords, you are a ninja no matter your training.

The gas station attendant was tied up and the Fem-Ninjas robbed his store. This is exactly how one of my fantasies starts. Not the one with the elephant but the other one, you know the one with the girl ninjas tying me up. Then the Fem-Ninjas make all that origami in front of me, tempting me with paper boobs. Then the real stuff happens.

The gas station attendant was not hurt and he had this to say about the robbery:

"It's shocking. Things like that just don't happen out here. I just can't believe it happened,"

Really Mr. Gas Man??? I guess Pennsylvania isn’t the Ninja Capital of the world, like we all thought it was. Weird…

Police have no lead in solving this case. I just want to tell them now that they have no chance. Think about the Ninja Turtles, they have been entertaining children for over twenty years now and the cops are none the wiser. And Shredder, he is still out there, I just named 5 ninjas, no jail sentences… It is safe to say that Ninjas are the un-rivaled masters of the cosmos.

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Johnny McNugget said...

Man, if I was that gas station attendant and a bunch of lesbo ninjas tried to rob me, I would totally crane kick the shit out of them.