Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Do Tina Turner and Cuba Have in Common?

Ike smacked the crap outta them.

"This has been a curse on Cuba," said Vanessa Rincon, 46, as she waited in a long line at a Havana grocery store, holding a handcart full of candles, water, crackers, bread, soft drinks and chocolate. "We were spared for so long but now we're coming face to face with hell. Our luck has run out."

I agree. This is what Commies get. Plus, I bet one of the Castro's had her killed shortly after for defaming her country. My thought is that Kim Jong Il and a renegade Soviet have stumbled upon a weather-making machine from the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. First Katrina, then Gustav, now Ike. Think. Katrina (Russian), Gustav (German/Russian), Ike (Tina Turner beater, therefore un-American). To cover their tracks of trying to blow up the Gulf-Coast oil reserves, they had to martyr Cuba. Will these Commies stop at nothing!!!???!!!

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Puck said...

they even took out one of their own superpowers (USSR) in order to eliminate competition for the other (China). it makes sense that these dirty commies are so self-sacrificing. a capitalist would -never- do that shit (or kamakazi, for that matter); thank God for unrevised Adam Smith!

and NOW, those damn Reds are invading Georgia - which is, what?, a couple hundred miles from DC? they've lost all respect (and subtlety)