Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In the Pipelines

Because celebrities have been boring lately, the fine fellas of PESUp have decided to make their own news. You see, while appearing to be lazy the past few weeks, we've actually been hard at work behind the scenes... filming a short film. McNugget, Murdoch, Loki, and myself have been producing, filming, directing, and starring in our first film *Not our REAL first, but the first one that has actual production value*. It's currently in the edit stage, and we have one more scene to film. We'll put it up on YouTube and link it directly once we're done. For a special few of you (maybe a contest winner or something???) we'll send out a DVD, complete with blooper-reel.

We've also made some bumperstickers that are basically our logo with a snazzy catch-phrase. I know we've arranged for Sara and Puck to have some. If you'd like one, just comment.

For better news...

The possible Vice-President's daughter is preggo. No, not the sauce. But she's 17, and it seems like she must lika the sauce...

Pro AND College Football are officially both back as of Thursday night. The defending Superbowl champions play the 'Skins, and the 18-1 wonders play the KC Chiefs.

This means that Fantasy football is back. And I love it. I hope Tom Brady has a disgusting 95 touchdowns this year, and that he doesn't choke until the playoffs again like last year.

TV fall line-ups will start in full swing. Some shows have even returned. Plus, it's always fun to see which crappy new shows will bomb while they replace old favorites that were cancelled way before their time.

Fall is in the air. Everything cools down a bit, reminds you of going to school or college, and you begin to have a unique blend of nostalgia/suicidal tendencies longing for before you had to work 8-12 hours a day doing boring stuff in front of a computer.

Take care for now!

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Puck said...

oh man! the DVD... THE DVD!!!

*grumbles* effin' Tom Brady...