Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OK! Magaine Lies More Than Scientology...And Doesn't Even Use Aliens

What your looking at is this months cover of OK! magazine (I noticed this while I was at the Supermarket trying to decide on which candy bar I was going to purchase. I went with the Milky Way, its safe, consistent, and durable...it's basically the Toyota Camry of candy bars). OK! Magazine has just accomplished the impossible...they used the words Kim Kardashian and Thin in the same sentence.

Well, I attempted to read this poor excuse for an article and I was astonished. Apparently you can still be skinny even though you have giant curves and an ass the size of Texas. Now, I'm not saying that Kim is fat, not gonna lie I would hit it, but shes in no way skinny. Mischa Barton is skinny, Kate Hudson is skinny, Kim Kardashian has a giant ass. Imagine if I went around saying that I'm skinny, just that my giant gut and thick wrists are curvy. See?


Anonymous said...

she can have a SKINNY waist, but w/curves, doesn't mean she's NOT skinny, and def not fat.

I'm all for women w/curves!!! Ha.

Anonymous said...

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