Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heidi Montag's New Single is a Hit

Heidi Montag's new single, Overdosin' is now available for your viewing pleasure:

Wait? No, not pleasure. What's the opposite of pleasure?

The new video is supposed to be a spoof (I think) on 80's workout videos a la Jane Fonda. However, a spoof is no excuse why her mouth cannot be synched up with the lyrics. She's truly taken campy to a whole new level. On the plus side, this song is slightly less bad than the rest of the crap she's put out thus far. And it's better than Scarlett Johannsen's song. But, in Scarlett's defense, she has MUCH bigger cans. And hers are real.

Although Heidi's music continues to be crap, I like the message. But instead of love, Heidi and Spencer should overdose on something a little stronger. Like bleach. Or oven cleaner.

Also, the Japanese, while smart and efficient, tend to mostly come in compact.

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Anonymous said...

She should be dipped in honey, then rolled down a giant hill into a den of previously agitated honey badgers.