Friday, September 5, 2008

Paris Hilton Falls Prey To Password Hacker...So Do 12 Year Olds

Yes, that's correct. Like many other Americans, Paris has had her computer password stolen by hackers using sophisticated XxHAXORxX e-mail and AIM. Apparently these password stealing people are a huge problem because some guy wrote an article about it, and I actually bothered to read it (the whole thing too).

Honestly, when the hell was the last time you heard of anyone getting their password stolen like this... 1, maybe 2 DECADES ago? Jesus Christ I remember when I was around 13 and me any my friends used to sit around and try to steal our friend's passwords the exact same way. I think it worked once...and only because we tried it on his little brother, who was fucking 7 at the moment.

Lastly, I love how this article uses Paris Hilton as its test subject. Like OMG if Paris fell for it...anyone could! I say good job to those hackers. They studied their opponents and went for the weakest link. Like when a tiger attacks the baby antelope in a herd grazing the fields of the African plains. Except in this scenario, Paris is still alive. God damnit Paris stop ruining Darwinism.

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Puck said...

nono Johnny, don't lose faith in natural selection yet. remember, she doesn't have to die, just be taken out of the gene pool. and, let's face it, when all of Paris' money is gone from identity thefts, she'll be revealed for the big-nosed, narsty evolutionary dead-end that she is.

come to think of it (and without getting too graphic about it), i'm pretty sure Paris's reproductive systems have been shot to hell anyway