Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Blaine… Please Shut Up

“Magician” David Blaine preformed another one of his stunts in Central Park this week. Oh you didn’t hear about it? That’s weird considering David Blaine is still such a big star.

Blaine hung upside-down for 60 hours. Yup, hung upside-down, now that’s fucking magic. Just as magical as that time he laid in a grave for a week with no food. Yup, not eating, magic. Or that time he was underwater for 4 days and he was breathing in scuba gear. Yeah, I can’t even make up something that is magical about that one.

What the fuck David! Make a quarter disappear and then reappear behind my ear. That is magic… not eating for a week, that isn’t magic, that’s starving! Fucking homeless people do that all the time. They can also make a quarter disappear, however they never make it reappear. That is why they are homeless and not magicians.

So David either do some magic or go away. No one cares about the dumb shit you do. What’s next? You’re not going to shave for a month? Holy shit, this guy can do anything!!!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

YES. thank you. finally.

ps, i hear he got breaks like, every hour. wtf is that?