Friday, September 5, 2008

Heart Attack!

Members of the band Heart are furious that Sarah Palin's intro song is their late 70's hit Barracuda. If you know the song, it's pretty fun and it's also on one of the Guitar Hero games. It goes something like this:

[Low electric distorted guitar]
Dun duhduhdun duhduhdun duhduhdun duhduhdun duhduhdun duhduhdun duh duhdah

[weird screechy singing]
You lying so low in the weeds
I bet you gonna ambush me
You'd have me down down down down on my knees
Now wouldn't you, barracuda?

Sarah Palin (a.k.a. Loki's newest crush, a.k.a. Sarah Barracuda from her high school basketball days) is probably THE most important vice-presidential candidate in US history. Think about it. Does anyone care what Biden does? He's just Biden his time (haha, sorry, that was crappy). But if McCain were to win the election somehow, he could die within 20 minutes of inauguration being 375 years old. Never before has anyone expected the Pres to die of old age in office. This could happen, and we could have a semi-hotty hockey mom with a slutty daughter as the first female President of the US.

So Heart is mad. They, like all other musicians and actors, are unabashedly liberal. Which I don't get. They basically get paid inordinate amounts of money, give SOME of it back. I know Brangelina is amazing and whatever, but they just bought a friggin' $70 million vineyard in France, and something tells me they could've done with a lavish $2 million and given $68 million to some country in Africa where all the citizens' yearly income together is less. And yet they pretend to care about the common man, or the blue-collar worker. They suck! They sit around for 2-3 hours a day getting their hair and make-up done, 3 hours with a personal trainer, and then they act like they're someone cool. And then they collect. Or with rock stars, they just sit on a pimped-out bus and do drugs, have sex, and tour the country. Boo-hoo. So don't pretend like you care. And if someone wants to use your music, or your catch phrase, or your likeness, deal with it. That's what you get paid for. Like your music has THAT much influence where it'll sway someone to vote for the McCain ticket. Get over yourself.

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Puck said...

so wait... her song is inviting us to get her down down down on her knees? ... are we sure that her experience is only as a mayor and not also as, say, a white house intern?

then again, barracudas _are_ known for biting, so...