Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Man in a Cave

This is a picture of a man in a cave. I don't know what he is doing in the cave. Do you? Maybe he lost his favorite hat and it is too dark in there for him to find it. That could be the reason, although it probably isn't.

Maybe he is looking for a bear to share some of the honey he purchased at the grocery store. He finds it sweet and delicious so he wants a new bear friend to enjoy it with him. That probably isn't it either.

Why is he in the cave?


ZIAF said...

He wants a shady place to keep away from the sun heat. Makes sense, right?

DallasLove said...
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Kurt Anderson said...

At first, I thought it was Allegory Man, but then I realized that he's effing GLOWing!

Clearly, this man was in the middle of a spelunking expedition, looking for the third (and final) national treasure, when he smacked his head on a magic hovering box. Out popped a flashing star. Who wouldn't have grabbed it?
Guiseppe - oh, that's the man's name - discovered his newfound superpowers the hard way; his brother was the first to go.
Now he emerges from the cave, able to rupture with a touch, mind broken by the horrors he committed with his own hands.

The important question is this: why are we standing here staring at him instead of running?!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is a racist?

spartanhippie said...

dont go in the cave man RUNN MAN RUNN OUT OF THE CAVE