Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Hills Fans Can Rejoice!

Just a few months ago, The Hills "reality" star, Heidi Montag, released a single called "Higher" which made my ears bleed for days. Any idea how awkward it is being at work and having a stream of blood pouring out each ear? Actually, it's less awkward than you would image...if you're me (but this is coming from the guy who once got so blitzed he thought "Did you know you have a regulation sized ass" would flatter a girl).

I have not amassed the testicular fortitude to listen to Heidi's new single "No More" [insert your own gratuitous joke about ironic title here], but it is available here:


You can call Heidi & her boyfriend, Spencer and let them know what you think:

Heidi (310) 220-0244
Spencer (310) 220-0215

Now, I could give a shit about Heidi, Spencer, or The Hills, but since I know most people have something to say to one of the most hated couples in California, enjoy.

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