Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grammy Awards…More Accurate Then The Psychic On The Boardwalk??

Well in case some of you out there missed it Amy Winehouse (AKA Amy CRACKhouse) owned the Grammys with her numerous wins and incredible energetic performance (a close second being watching Carrot Top’s stand up comedy). However, her most notable moment was when she won album of the year for “Rehab”. Ok…seriously…am I the only person alive who found it hysterical that she won for an album called “Rehab” while she is currently in rehab. I believe that this is proof that in order to now win for album of the year you must follow the title of your album. If you and your album are one in the same…you cannot fail. Still don’t believe me…then tell me why Kayne West (a college dropout) lost with an album called “Graduation”. Very intriguing I must say. Well I have compiled a list of several album names that are sure to be winners at next years Grammys…

Britney Spears – Mental Institution
Lindsay Lohan – Sextape
Paris Hilton – Drunk Driving Accident
50 Cent – Assault Charges

And for the repeat win

Amy Winehouse – Overdose (with special guest posthumous vocals by Heath Ledger)

Wow that was way too soon…

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